Johnny Delusional by FFS


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Me and my friends rediscovered the club B72 and now we spend nearly every weekend there. This song is very often played there. What lyrics could describe the anxiety of speaking to a attractive stranger better and more ironic than these? Besides that, it's a catchy, most danceable track!

Frustbanane 3 Aug 2015

Franz Ferdinand and Sparks. Already shaping up to be the best collaboration since baked beans and toast.   3

stevefawcett 15 Apr 2015

Otherwise known as Franz Ferdinand and Sparks   10

MadameZia 9 Jun 2015

I just can't get tired of this song!   1

flo 15 Jul 2015

I can't stop singing this..

twirlingteacups 20 Jul 2015

Interesting collab between Franz Ferdinand and Sparks - My current Jam:

smp303 13 Apr 2015