Two Weeks by FKA Twigs

“Amazing (and filthy) from the new album”

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Amazing (and filthy) from the new album

Hinchcliffe 12 Aug 2014

And @unfortunatalie describes this correctly as Filth. Astounding filth and wonderful. Straight on the WicDiv playlist too, obv.

kierongillen 3 Jul 2014

All twigs, all the time.   4

Han 31 Aug 2014

So this is amazing

davidemery 24 Jun 2014

#1 Dads played this as their encore at the Rosemount on Sat night. Incredible.

Rubychick 12 Jul 2015

Everybody appears to be obsessed with lists right now. So I thought it'd be cool to do one too - a sort of Blue Tapes Festive 50. Except, instead of having an audience voting on the rankings - as John Peel would have - I decided to just count down the 50 most popular new tunes I've posted to This Is My Jam this year. It turned out some pretty interesting results! Plus its a kind of democracy, so no one can blame me if they don't agree with them. (I promise this is the only market research I will ever do!) #50 FKA Twigs - Two Weeks from LP1 (Young Turks)   1

bluetapes 7 Dec 2014