Waiting For A Train by Flash and the Pan

venturehorse’s jam on 10 Aug ’12 and then once after that (See all)

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..just one of those moody pieces that nags at you.   1

rickydicky49 9 Mar 2013

No. 7 in May 1983. They wrote Grace Jones' "Walking In The Rain". #onehitwonders   2

Astromonkey 4 Mar 2015

I believe I still have a 10" vinyl of this lurking about somewhere!

Hairyoldfart 30 Dec 2013

I spent some of my Sunday afternoon doing this. Not the song or video bit .... the waiting bit. I really like this extended version. Might even be good enough to play on a Friday!   3

HawklordElf 14 Dec 2014

This cropped up in a random playlist and I had forgotten how good it is 12" remix

paullancaster1 18 May 2014