White Winter Hymnal by Fleet Foxes


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Not quite a Christmas song but snow is mentioned so I'm counting it.¬†Happy Holidays!   1

jerk_alert 22 Dec 2014

April 2012 sees Paul Weller on the front of @MOJOmagazine (curiously, they didn't switch him for a different artist on US covers this time), and the attendant freebie is a selection compiled by Weller. I looked forward to this, not just as a break from endless all-album cover tributes, but because I'd really enjoyed the Noel Gallagher-compiled disc a few months back even though I'm not a fan of his; Weller's okay in my book, and I figured his choices would be strong. He may be a modern-music buff, but sequencing a compilation isn't his strong suit. There's not much of a flow to it and there are too many slick by-the-numbers acts here for my taste (e.g. Diagrams, Erland & the Carnival). He includes some acts I really like (Robrt Wyatt, Joanna Newsom, Tim Burgess), but the song picks aren't worth Jams; he did, however, include this beauty from Fleet Foxes' '08 debut full-length. Now on hiatus, it's unclear if the band will do new music but that first album remains beautiful.

covermount 4 Jun 2015

Given what I have been doing the last 24 hours (i.e. SHOVELING) and what I went through to get to work today, I think this song is appropriate.

Tox_Doc 2 Feb 2015

Because winter is coming

Gaultian 2 Oct 2013

the voices.

najodleglejszy 1 Jul 2015

art: Gregory Euclide

maddi909 21 Oct 2014