White Winter Hymnal by Fleet Foxes

“Because winter is coming”

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Because winter is coming

Gaultian 2 Oct 2013

I was obsessed with this song when it came out, still am. Chatting with my friend, a composer, about it this morning and now she's going to teach it to Y2 & Y3 kids. I'm so pleased. #seasonalsongs   8

loboska 6 Oct 2014

the voices.

najodleglejszy 1 Jul 2015

Given what I have been doing the last 24 hours (i.e. SHOVELING) and what I went through to get to work today, I think this song is appropriate.

Tox_Doc 2 Feb 2015

art: Gregory Euclide

maddi909 21 Oct 2014

Surely one of the best winter songs released during the last couple of years. Yep, I'm keeping the #Christmas spirit going. :D   7

Avante 10 Dec 2013