Big Love by Fleetwood Mac

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I love the layers in this song...all the band playing together so well.

rumn8tr 20 Jan 2014

I was so upset when I realised that this is multiple guitars playing at the same time, but it's still magic.

alexhern 30 Nov 2011

Looking out for love #music is medicine

Becksuwak 9 Feb 2015

Last spring I found a cheap original pressing of the 1992 box 25 Years: The Chain; I'd seen the band perform the previous summer and the box was an appealing deal. Unfortunately it's turned out to be a fairly hideous time capsule, suited best for people who think the Rick Vito/Billy Burnette era is the band's artistic peak. Sifting through those boys' grim tunes makes the final Buckingham/Nicks album, 1987's Tango in the Night, seem delightful. I've long dug Buckingham's most successful song from the album, Big Love, and this week I've been downright hooked on it. Of course, all is forgiven now; Vito and Burnette are long gone, an even more dubious lineup formed and split (with Dave Mason and Bekka Bramlett), and our heroes are once again back in the fold, along with Christine McVie, who had the sense to leave the band herself in the late '90s. At any rate, I've got tickets to see the classic lineup on Valentine's Day; I'm sure they'll do Big Love.

noyoucmon 23 Jan 2015

In that house on the hill.

LaissezFlair 1 Sep 2015

Reminds me of good times, if your going to listen trust me turn it up loud x x x

leylandiai 2 Jul 2014