The Chain by Fleetwood Mac


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jaytay 29 Nov 2011

After such a great day at the British Grand Prix yesterday, this has to be my next Jam; if only for 3m 20s in...

TheTopGooner 6 Jul 2015

the bass and the drum playing on this track are top shelf.   9

TomSchneitter 10 Oct 2013

This, all day long.   1

inthefade 2 Feb 2013

you will never loooooove me again

rogercrum 15 May 2015

The big 400. I agonised over my #finaljam deciding on this - one of my all time favourites and a song that has come to mean a lot to me especially over the past year. Thank you so much to @flaneur and @Han and everyone who made TIMJ such a weird and wonderful community. Never break the chain. #ThanksTIMJ   23

amortentia 25 Sep 2015