The Chain (live) by Fleetwood Mac

“Break the silence - damn the dark, damn the light.”

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Break the silence - damn the dark, damn the light.

hotlikewasabi 22 Jan 2015

One of the best harmonies in rock history.   3

gingrich1 9 Dec 2013

My favc FM song. A barn burning country/blues romp Fantastic band of drug addled egos but can't be forgotten

NobleJoker 15 Apr 2013

the tension and the bass. perfect for super loud sing along on a long commute.   1

BroadMajestic 11 Apr 2014

Everyone's favourite soft rock cocaine enthusiasts!

grantmacdo 5 Jul 2013

Most talented band ever; 1-The Eagles 2-Fleetwood Mac. Discuss amongst yourself.

fleabates 6 Jul 2013