Olympic Airways by Foals

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Listening to Foal nonstop lately. So pumped to see them November 12th!

Grindledorf 14 Sep 2013

Saw Foals live at Alexandra Palace. They were fucking amazing.   1

IAmHellsBells 1 Mar 2014

Re... a... ppe... ar... Re... a... ppe... ar...   1

CallumPetch 5 Jul 2013

Saw Foals at #AllyPally. They were fucking amazing.   1

IAmHellsBells 2 Mar 2014

an oldie - not the same as their current sound, Yannis has really developed as a singer since this - but brilliant none the less.

craigjohnson75 15 Jun 2013

Most recent thing I've listened to, on the walk home from class just now, so it's as good of a choice as anything. Plus, this video is rad.   1

astiocles 13 Mar 2015