Congregation by Foo Fighters

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By far my favorite song from their new album so far.

ebrefka 22 Nov 2014

Dave Grohl... I totally agree with people that calls him a god. He is. A modern day rock god. One of those innovators...Plus he is independant. Last album was good...But this one is even more greater... It's just 8 songs but they are total quality songs... and the idea for Sonic Highways with taking them on a road and writing songs in different cities...It's beyond beautiful... Open your eyes, step in the light A jukebox generation Just as you were Latest song "Outside" I didn't liked until I saw where and how that song was written in Los Angeles... Gave a lot more meaning to it... and that goes for every song on the album including the one that I am jamming to.   2

arnbo1d 18 Nov 2014

Step into the light!

rdprice64 5 Jan 2015

Another new song! :)

ximla88 31 Oct 2014


MLK 8 Nov 2014

"No false hope. Where is your blind faith?" Can't get this outta my head today... but I'm cool with that.

SongWarmonger 27 May 2015