I Should Have Known by Foo Fighters


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Krist Novoselic playing bass. Grand. And on a completely related note, who's excited for Sound City Players!?   3

ZeppelinRule 13 Jan 2013

Awesome song

Chocobo_sage 18 Jun 2013

Didn't hear your warning Damn my heart gone deaf I should have known

soundGIRLsara 22 Oct 2014

Just got done watching "Back and Forth" again. Wow! If you haven't watched this movie/documentary you're missing out. It still blows me away how talented Dave Grohl is. I love how he breaks down each album and watching them recorded "Wasted Light" in his garage was amazing. If you haven't listened to the album run out right now and listen, they did it all on tape. No computers were used in the process so it has a much more raw, grittier sound. Produced by Butch Vig (Garbage) who also produced "Nevermind" it is a work of art.   16

christineb 5 Jan 2014