Best Friend by Foster the People

“sometimes it feels like i only dream in black and white...”

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but michi was first  

sometimes it feels like i only dream in black and white...

zahra_y 15 Jun 2015

When your best friend's all strung out You do everything you can Because you're never going to let it get them down... #love @fosterthepeople   1

LixxyIturriaga 2 Mar 2015

feeling the tides

JoshGatti 22 Apr 2015

Oh, wow...

michi 24 Feb 2014

Really enjoying the new album "Supermodel" and this is my favourite track. Oh, and Happy Birthday @philipnareike!   3

Astromonkey 1 Apr 2014

#Top31Tracksof2014: Into the Top 20 now, and we have Foster The People doing what they do best: supremely catchy and fun pop music with much darker lyrics than the mood of the song suggests. I've yet to hear "Supermodel" - and, in fact, have heard bugger all about it from most people - but this damn near single-handedly justifies the entry price when I do get around to picking it up. #bestof2014

CallumPetch 12 Jan 2015