New Track by Francis Bebey

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Give me a banana, and freedom, to dance on a new track

pouline 6 Aug 2014

African Arthur Russell anyone? ...............Don't give me BANANAS, POTATOES, and YAM at the same time!

HTSpencer1972 22 Jan 2014

Wonderfully quirky electronica from Cameroon, circa '82. Not a million miles from what William Onyeabor was up to at the same time.

Dkayling 7 Sep 2014

don't give me bananas for dinner and yams at the same time

edcartwright 30 Nov 2011

This one is for Emperor Tomato Ketchup. Remember when I was blatting on about this "potatoes and yam" song? Well here it is. Warning we are in Earworm Country.   3

djh62uk 15 Jan 2015

I've Jammed this before but it is still the best so shh up.

thatbear 18 May 2014