Pyramids by Frank Ocean


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but nay was first  

Don't care. Still loving this.

sondh 1 Nov 2012

Where is Frank Ocean's album :( Really is the masterpiece that people say it is. The-Dream also has done this sort of epic r&b but I like Frank Ocean's voice better

graceautumne 23 Jul 2015

Had this song stuck in my head all week. Definitely in my top 5 albums of 2012.   3

Han 22 Jan 2013

In my head today.   3

McKelvie 17 Jan 2013

Okay, it's a fair point that as African queens go, Cleopatra wasn't *very* African... but still, this epic tale of the fall of African womanhood from mythic glory to tawdry stripperdom for a worthless man is more brilliant and ambitious than pretty much anything else I can think of in recent years. You need to raise your game, everyone out there who isn't Frank Ocean!   1

thesunneversets 20 Aug 2014

Future soul. The man is a genius. The cheetahs are on the loose!

hughogilvie1 12 May 2015