My Way by Frank Sinatra

“Regret's, I've had a few............”

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Regret's, I've had a few............   1

hoops1958 22 Sep 2015

The lyrics speak for themselves. Thanks for listening.   1

matthewparadiso 3 Mar 2015

"This Is My Jam" is going bye-bye. It's been strangely fun, picking one song per week. This is my final, appropriate jam. #music

MRC58 24 Sep 2015

After 3 years and a half the day has finally come: my final exams are just an hour away. If everything goes well, you can call me "kindergarten teacher". But however - I did it my way.

Frustbanane 17 Jun 2015

Thank you Frank

Ambergrindstaff 26 Nov 2013

I always listen to this majestic man when I'm sick

k_zupa 13 Apr 2015