Losing Days by Frank Turner

“Up and at 'em. Hope your day doesn't blow. Cheers friends :)”

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Up and at 'em. Hope your day doesn't blow. Cheers friends :)

jimleatherman 25 Jul 2013

In my opinion one of Britain's finest song writers!

SteveGoddard81 26 Mar 2015

"I keep losing days That used to take a lifetime In the blinking of an eye.."

ShortWired 5 Sep 2013

Saw Frank at the O2 last night. If you follow me on Twitter then you'll be sick of hearing about it by now. Fucking love this guy. The full video's here, but unJammable - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PfTDSFpvGxE

DJDarren 13 Feb 2014

This song has been in my head since I first heard it

imyke 28 Apr 2013

I saw Frank Turner live in Stockholm the other day and it was really a "feelgood"-gig! Posted some pictures here: http://schoolsoutchristermagister.wordpress.com/2014/02/27/frank-turner-and-the-sleeping-souls/ #rock #pop #frankturner   1

christer 28 Feb 2014