Thatcher Fucked The Kids by Frank Turner

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but jonocole was first  

I only heard this for the first time the other day and the lyrics are perfect.

Nar_then 15 Nov 2014

Perfect for today.

Nar_then 7 May 2015

Bloody women, you give them a chance for once and they just ruin it for everyone.   11

cjn22 8 Apr 2013

And it seems a little bit rich to me the way the rich only ever talk of charity, In times like the seventies, the broken down economy meant even the upper tier was needing some help.

kirstyfigueira 20 Dec 2013

I'm going to see Frank Turner tonight (19th April) - I'm hoping he plays this one.

stuartclarke 19 Apr 2013

Whatever happened to childhood? We're all scared of the kids in our neighboorhood; They're not small, charming and harmless, They're a violent bunch of bastard little shits. And anyone who looks younger than me Makes me check for my wallet, my phone and my keys, And I'm tired of being tired out Always being on the lookout for thieving gits.   2

dotbeastranger 17 Jun 2013