Dancin' Fool by Frank Zappa


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monaremlawi 20 Jul 2012

Marmite. Memory lane strolls, volume 347... Y'know what I loved about being a vinyl era teenager? Well, I'll tell ya'. It was going to school and clocking vinyl sleeves, sticking out of schoolbags, so you could actually SEE what other people were listening to. So much of my musical youth, was influenced by that small detail. I used to see quite a few 6th formers (when I was in 2nd) with Frank Zappa vinyl. I'm glad I didn't try to listen to The Zap when I was that young. I just wouldn't have got it. Love him, hate him, or just don't know him, the guy was a musical and lyrical genius and his accompanying musicians were always put to the sternest of tests. Yes, he indulged in the avante garde, whimsical and pastiche, but he was never predictable and certainly incomparable. This track, was a little later in the 70's and I think is a good example of just what this unique, quite mad individual, was all about. Knock yourself out...   7

21schizoid 27 May 2013

Solo Frank Zappa lo pudo expresar de manera tan puntual.

e1729 10 Feb 2012

Frank Zappa "Dancin Fool"

MeierAudrey 9 Jun 2013