Joe's Garage by Frank Zappa


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Almost 50. Jam N°15 : 1979. 'Joe's Garage' is one of the more 'accessible' Zappa albums. Huge favorite. "Guess you only get one chance in life to play a song that goes like..."

aldusd 10 Mar 2014

And a second-hand guitar It was a Stratocaster with a whammy bar

inthefade 23 May 2012

this has been stuck in my head since talking about it with @matty323 and @bombasteric last week. Genius. I love the central scrutinizer.   2

Vicious_Circe 20 Feb 2015

Joe's Garage by Frank Zappa is my "new" jam...

qqzm 21 Jan 2015

Just listened to this for the first time in years today!

mossberg 2 Oct 2014

since 1993............a world without Frank Zappa......sadface

Nonlexic 27 Jul 2014