Peaches en Regalia by Frank Zappa


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Monday lunchtime is Zappa time.

MylesC 12 Jan 2015

Classic song, back in its original vinyl mix.   6

Section42L 18 Feb 2015

sixteen year old Shuggie Otis on bass !!!!!!!!!!!   1

stareitcold 3 Jun 2015

From one of my top 10 LPs of all time. Musician/Arranger/Composer extraordinaire. Guitarist supreme. Biting satirist. Prolific songwriter & singer. The late, great Frank Zappa was (imo) one of the chosen few that I would say qualified as a musical genius from the 20th century, and I don't like to use that term lightly. His most complex compositions were demanding to play, even for the most accomplished of musicians but they were always recognizable as works of Zappa. As for this little ditty, although it has its' moments of precision & intricacy, it is noted mainly for being accessible, catchy and....well, delightful!.... Enjoy!   17

debutch 17 Jun 2014

Always loved this and probably jammed it as well at some time.   7

Axol 19 Sep 2015

So epic.

Wobbitz 8 Jan 2015