Trouble Every Day by Frank Zappa


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ericgrissom 18 Aug 2014

A bit of Weird-Ass Wednesday spilling over into Thor's Day celebration! Enjoy! Take care, be cool and peace out...   7

capnhollis 21 May 2015

21 years ago today we lost this great crazy genius mind, but that bastard we call the universe got his energy. Frank Zappa left us with a wealth of music, a treasure that is beyond belief. I couldn't decide which song I wanted to choose as my 'jam' cuz in a way everything he's ever done is my jam even when I'm not listening to it. I remember finding the album that included Porn Wars on it back when I was a kid and thinking finally someone else understands how I feel about "outrageous filth" not really being either when you think about it. I remember falling in lust with Moon Unit the first time I heard Valley Girl and imagining how would I possibly ask her out on a date cuz you know you'd have to get Mr. Zappa's permission and what would that conversation be like? Best to just admire her from a safe distance. In the wake of Ferguson & other craziness on this planet today, this song proves Frank was both ahead of his time, and eternal. Much love and respect sir, wherever you are.   1

ZachsMind 4 Dec 2014

BREAKING NEWS!! from 1966

rwbogy 17 May 2014

getting in on #CrimeWeek before it's too late   3

Section42L 1 Aug 2014

“There is more stupidity than hydrogen in the universe, and it has a longer shelf life.” ― Frank Zappa He truly was one talented individual .   2

Baby_Joe 17 May 2013