Watermelon in Easter Hay by Frank Zappa


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FZ. This was my first Jam. Frank died in Dec 4 , '93. Today is also my birthday. Frank was the best......   13

adrian4acn 4 Dec 2012

My ringtone. Frank would want me dead for that, I'm sure.

BooDooPerson 18 Jan 2012

Somehow sad music by Frank #Zappa - his live sets were as stellar as his bandmates (who were often really tortured by the maestro). No. 1 in #zappajam   2

azche24 23 Oct 2014

Now hiring necromancers... 20 years today   1

vektorblake 4 Dec 2013

"And he knows the end is near," says the Central Scrutinizer at the end of Zappa's rock opera Joe's Garage. He destroyed Joe's heart en soul for playing music. The last song Joe plays (before getting a good job) is Watermelon in Easter Hay. Dweezil Zappa called this song "the best solo Zappa ever played". I agree. And isn't it today august 9th Frank Zappa day? I played this solo over and over when I heard Frank Zappa died. Well the, this is for the folks of My Jam.

iamnotacrook 9 Aug 2015

On the back of my previous jam . ( well it's got Easter in the title ). FZ at his magnificent best.

paulspear 26 Mar 2013