Zomby Woof by Frank Zappa


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The music of the very brilliant Frank Zappa....from Zappa plays Zappa..his son's tribute to his music...

martinbohn777 30 Mar 2013

One of the first Zappa songs I really got into.

alexheadrick 31 Mar 2013

Trying to Transcribe this right now, it's not easy!   1

RedSheep 13 Aug 2012

zappa plays Zappa w Steve via

PaulDaniels 8 Apr 2012

Tellin' you all the Zomby troof Here I'm is . . .

callekid 15 Feb 2013

It must be #HalloweenWeek or #HalloJam #FrightNight or something. Anyway a few good songs shoehorned into a faux seasonal theme never killed anyone, and if they did they will rise again and suck young blood!!!... Anyone seen my meds?   2

adrian4acn 30 Oct 2014