The great Pretender by Freddie Mercury

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but xr2 was first  

The official video can't be played due to restrictions of the owner :(   3

Catherine 8 Sep 2012

Enjoy!   1

ian2 1 Feb 2013

I watched the documentary The Great Pretender yesterday evening. Great stuff. Freddie Mercury on stage and off stage. The human behind the performer.

mvergouwen 1 Feb 2015

very freddie   8

glimmer9 6 May 2015

oh yes i am the great pretender @freddie the king   1

JorgeGuzman 12 Nov 2014

All together now: "OOH-ooh-OOH-ooh!" Freddie Mercury sans 'tache is unnerving enough but the video's demented

whereismyquiz 7 Nov 2012