Merchandise by Fugazi

“Happy Sunday Friends”

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Happy Sunday Friends

jimleatherman 8 Dec 2013

You are not what you own #blackfriday

p_k_n_y 22 Nov 2014

When you talk of a song being endemic of a culture or generation. I'd like you to think of this one for me.

conanneutron 8 Jan 2013

I've spent the past 2 weeks listening to almost nothing other than Fugazi so....   2

SeanTAllen 19 Nov 2014

After all of these years. This song still gives me the same chills I got from hearing it the first time. Ask me on a different day and I may equivocate , but fugazi is my favorite band. Their shallowest cut is most bands deepest trench. Something to admire.

conanneutron 21 Mar 2014

In honor of the bullshit that is #BlackFriday.

clairemysko 29 Nov 2013