Seasons (Waiting on You) by Future Islands

“Strange yet beautiful. What do you expect from 4AD after all?”

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Strange yet beautiful. What do you expect from 4AD after all?   1

dougie 27 Mar 2014

First thing that struck me about this was Sam's bizarre moves but,once beyond that,it is an absolutely magical song.   10

tpjdavies 1 Dec 2014

Some more new music for the New Year. I really like this...   5

cbinseoul 6 Feb 2014

Because my Dr. Octagon jam didn't work, I'll go for this as I've listened to it about 10 times today. Although let's be honest, if you watch the video on mute the result would be the same. I can't tell if his dancing is shit or really good, so I'll go with really good. And that weird Cookie Monster voice he does. As Pitchfork challenged "TRY not to smile". Impossible   5

mjgBZ32 19 Mar 2014

Fantastic new Future Islands track.

brogana 21 Jan 2014

Captivated and spellbound by this chap Herring up front.   3

pocketbeatnik 19 Sep 2015