You Need Satan More Than He Needs You by Future of the Left

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Wicked ways

alanmmorris7 6 Jul 2014

But does he look like a man, but does he tastes like a man, but does he fuck like a man, does he, does he, does he fuck like a man?

Flowdeeps 1 Jul 2013

Yeah, sure, Satan rules, but that doesn't mean I can't be practical.   1

jayleophillips 10 Jul 2012

Future of the Left @hareandhounds tonight, been looking forward to this for weeks! @shit_rock

steveparker 7 Oct 2014

Cheers FoTL for yet another great mosh frenzied gig last night!

lozzie_B 30 Jun 2013

What kind of orgy leaves a sense of deeper love?   1

SeanTAllen 28 Jul 2013