I Love A Man In Uniform by Gang of Four

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"The good life was so elusive Handouts, they got me down I had to regain my self-respect So, I got into camouflage"

tkohl 25 Apr 2014

Don't we all, duckie.   2

MotherFist 15 Oct 2014

"So I got into camoflauge ..."   2

CaptFuzz 9 Apr 2012

A re-recording that I like as much as the original. *hides under rock* I hesitate to post this after Memorial Day... but I admit it's the tune that always springs to mind. The Gang captures an angle of my own cynicism.

savagetea 28 May 2014

This song is popular in #Egypt right now.

Klove 4 Jul 2013

The girls, they love to see you shoot.

Kid_Dada 17 Feb 2015