Not Your Kind of People by Garbage

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from trailer of upcoming game Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, a good song for representing the heroes and villains of MGS series, the nonstandard videogame archetypes. Also can call this my love letter to thisismyjam, I will miss sharing my music loves with you all! This is good, isn't it?   2

Jzzb 13 Aug 2015

METAL GEAR? I don't even like the Metal Gear games except that one where you get to cut dudes into little pieces and absorb their spines.

LewieP 6 Jun 2013

Because give me TPP.   1

iamradiox 12 Feb 2015

Just because.

psibreaker 10 Feb 2015

We are not your kind of people. Won't be cast as demons, creatures you despise.

jaylett 22 Sep 2015