Vow by Garbage

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desmondbullen 6 Nov 2014

Not only does this scratch my perpetual itch for 90s frontwomen, but it fits in with #ScottishWeek in time for the #indyref. So hooray for that.   1

crawtonleek 17 Sep 2014

I will probably be listening to this album a few times today.

aeazel 24 Feb 2012

Tickets for November's gig? Sorted.

asw909 4 Mar 2015

Shirley Manson is a goddess. Definitely tied for pole position as my favourite act from Soundwave.   7

rexter42 10 Mar 2013

Vow by Garbage . . . yup, that sounds about right. #thevow   1

jbturner 1 Oct 2014