Cars by Gary Numan

#OneSongFiveVersions Part Five: The Original (And Best?) Version.”

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#OneSongFiveVersions Part Five: The Original (And Best?) Version.   8

crawtonleek 24 Jul 2015

The latest Churchill ad reminded me of this classic. I was tempted to go with the live Nine Inch Nails version with Gary on vocals but went with the original.

alienspacer 1 Feb 2015

Gotta love those 'make believe steering wheels'!

purplesunset54 5 Sep 2015

This song rules. And it always makes me think of my brother who made me laugh while watching this video as a kid.

johnaddington 7 Jun 2014

'It's the only way to live - in cars.' I haven't got around jamming John Foxx's metamatic yet, or even Ultravox in that instance (also, not forgetting Depeche Mode) but here's Gary!

hirziify 11 Oct 2013

Getting my first car this week! (Still need to learn how to drive, mind you)   2

TBBYNH 25 Jun 2015