Zauberberg 1 by Gas

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but wselman was first  

Still got Gas.

Kextun 24 Jul 2014

pop or zauberberg. i don't know which one is better. I love them both. zauberberg is a bit darker though and hits my mood better at the moment. voigt is a genius!

SimonWoerner 26 Dec 2014

Walking to work the other day listening to this, I surveyed the thousands of flowers and messages for the two innocent victims at Martin Place. Such a loss. This will always remind me of this sad time.

MIKutuzov 20 Dec 2014

"bring the forest to the disco, or vice-versa"   2

DoctorBeans 17 Nov 2013

That One Song ( was my way into the world of Gas.   1

joecorcoran 3 Feb 2014