Buffalo by Gaz Coombes

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“Because @Gaz_Coombes is in charge of 6 Music right now #GazCoombes6Music

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Because @Gaz_Coombes is in charge of 6 Music right now #GazCoombes6Music

BBC6Music 17 Nov 2013

I must admit, when I heard this for the first time, I almost instantly thought "this isn't for me, not my sort of thing", until the song explodes just after 1 minute and that totally switched me onto it. Love it.

jpaylor 19 Nov 2013

S'that chap out of supergrass.

theherridge 14 Nov 2013

I love is song because of the beautiful unexpected chorus and because Gaz is a super talent who continues to produce fantastic music .....

Lucylu 13 Apr 2014

"Buffalo, buffalo, Open up, take me home"

sjohndavey 6 Feb 2015

Not so bad in solo. Not so bad at all. ;) I've hesitated then finally missed his gig in Paris last week. Big regret.   13

MyBlueElephant 22 Feb 2015