Mad Man Moon by Genesis

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Probably my favourite late-period Genesis "slow song"

obadiah99 21 Apr 2013

'Allo 'Allo my little Jamaramas. The year is only a few days old and already TIMJ has been festooned with some stunning music. Bravo everyone, for grasping '14 by the lapels! It's tough to keep up with that standard, so in the old 'It's a Knockout' parlance, I'm playing my joker. I believe this track to be one of the most beautiful musical & lyrical compositions in rock history. It damn near brings me to tears, every time I listen to it. Now I know Genesis may not be everyone's cuppa char, but if you appreciate music at all (& if you don't, wotcha doin' on TIMJ?!?) then you surely have to appreciate this piece, on some level or other. The irony that it was written by the least successful (in soloist terms) of the main Genesis protagonists, should escape no-one...and before anyone responds with the regularly trotted out "ah, but they were never the same without Gabriel", I'm not comparing Genesis eras's just about one huge talent & one astounding, rapturous piece of music...   30

21schizoid 2 Jan 2014

Getting in another one of my all time favourites before the end of Jam, this time coming from (IMHO) the best Genesis LP   3

GSA219 5 Sep 2015