The Knife by Genesis

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but jlipski was first  

When I first bought this glorious piece of plastic, I loaded it up on my two tone blue Dansette and was blown away - literally when it got to around the 8 minute mark of this track which just set the whole room into a glorious reverberation :) - still wait for that every time I listen to it now but alas modern HiFi has taken away that pleasure :))   13

donuno 22 Jan 2014

This is some hard hitting stuff. Classic Genesis.

aculag 14 Sep 2013

If everyone listened to this at the same time, revolution would be unavoidable.

simoncollins 14 Feb 2015

Some of you are going to die Martyrs of course To the freedoms That I shall provide...

hardworx 15 May 2013

Just a great, underrated song. Can't Explain it really because my knowledge about music is not enough to describe how great this song is, love the 'We Are Only Wanting Freedom' and the incredible part after that

MaxVerweijen 1 Oct 2013