The Return Of The Giant Hogweed by Genesis

“Newsflash! Early prog rock favourite becomes topical again!”

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Newsflash! Early prog rock favourite becomes topical again!   3

prvincent 16 Jul 2015

Eek -- It's a Prog-weed! Heracleum mantegazziani, baby, and Happy #Halloween !   2

rvniko 31 Oct 2014

If this doesn't take you back, you're already there! This young Peter Gabriel is ridiculously outstanding!   2

adamjam 7 Oct 2013

Why do I fall in love with lines like: "They are invincible, They seem immune to all our herbicidal battering." ...and I try to use them in casual conversation. Doesn't work.   3

caseyliston 5 Jun 2013

When hippies attack.

Klove 23 Jun 2013

This week, the Giant Hogweed has been in the news & I've been wondering which Genesis track to Jam for a while now, so... Favourite lyric, 'Heracleum Mantegazzianum' :)   27

Phyl 22 Aug 2015