Budapest by George Ezra

“Great video and song”

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Great video and song

mrc 29 Nov 2014

I'm a woman of many treasured sayings. Chief among them is "Don't postpone joy." as well as, "I'd rather have little joys in little packages every day than one big joy in a big package years from now." However, one saying I've become enamored with recently is, "Be the person you'd love to hang out with for a day." That's what this song conjures to mind when I hear it.

delftwaves 9 May 2015

I love my little "alternative" station in Oregon....without KNRK, my choices would be Talk Radio, overplayed top 20 and overplayed classic rock and country (Do they all just play the same 20 songs on continuous loop? You know Heart does have other songs than Barracuda).. . Heard this gem on the way home~ had to share.   27

christineb 23 Sep 2014


ambarbituate 29 Aug 2015

I've been off for a while... I jumped back on after I heard this song. Not my normal jam, but I really like it.

MichaelRains 20 Jul 2015

Tune   3

edclarke 19 Jun 2014