Baker Street by Gerry Rafferty


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but mhadcurray was first  

Sorry l couldn't get a live version - blocked again. It's all about the Sax.   41

brianberrington 16 Oct 2014

Only consciously heard this song for the first time, recently. Feels like it has been with me throughout my entire life already!   5

roydesmet 2 Jul 2015

love the sax

KarinCook 17 May 2015

The thoughts of a man who, at this very moment, has check out... #bye #vacation

iwilsonjr 19 Aug 2015

Bwah bah badah da dah bwah ba dadadaaa   1

Noh 23 Jul 2015

love the sax at the beginning and just a lovely mellow tune........   14

totty01843 12 Jul 2015