Right Down The Line by Gerry Rafferty

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but oliviarafferty was first  

yes it is. A few weeks ago someone post this here and next week i found the record in a charity shop. that´s a sign. Sorry, i cant remember who post it but thanks for the discovery!   2

nachoage 22 Oct 2013

This song reminds me of my husband and how he is the only person in the world who I would have ever married. I don't believe in much, but I believe in him and he believes in me.   5

wanderaimlessly 13 Apr 2015

Right down the line. (1978)   9

helloerica 13 Sep 2013

Brilliant song!

StewartGilray 21 May 2015

Don't you dare judge me.   9

wilwheaton 25 Jan 2015

Feeling a seventies jag on the horizon.   1

hilldavids 18 Aug 2013