PURSUIT by Gesaffelstein

“Proper banger”

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Proper banger

cschammel 5 Sep 2014

Awesome video (god knows how they got the budget) and banging French techno (pay attention @AlicejustMay). Keep your top 10ish 2013 album lists coming in the comments please. :)   14

jonnyneale5 3 Jan 2014

whoa.....bend that mind, baby!!

philipc 17 Feb 2015

revisiting the Gesaffelstein album

jamesyuill 20 Aug 2014

DAF / gesaffelstein mash-up please! ;)

streetpreacher 17 Jun 2013

File next to DAF under 'Teutonic Robotronica'

hughesrt 13 Apr 2015