NY Is Killing Me by Gil Scott-Heron and Jamie xx

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#Jamiexx #NYisKillinMe

walleysworld 16 Nov 2014

Spent about 67% of the day appreciating how good jamie xx is just in general after that live lounge the xx did

cBaylizz 17 Dec 2012

Junkies, everywhere junkies. Who needs zombies?

sciencegrrl 21 Aug 2014

Everything aches. But in a good way :)   2

TBBYNH 25 Aug 2013

I'm in a hammock on the cotes d'Azur - this is sounding pretty good. #bantz

erocdrahs 26 May 2015

this is the first jam where I changed the color of the circle

jwaaaap 31 Jan 2013