Me and the Devil by Gil Scott-Heron

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When asked in an interview how he felt about his work shaping rap he stated "I don’t know if I can take the blame for it" he prefered to be know as a bluesologist. His album "I'm New Here" was my introduction to him (better late than never), his poetry is breathtakingly beautiful, soul bearing. The tapestry he weaves on this album is a glimpse into his life of love, pain and addiction. If there was a "record club" (like the book clubs where you read a book and discuss with a group) this would be my first pick.   11

christineb 12 Apr 2014

Because some days aren't great.   1

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#FunkyFriday   2

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RJ cover versions. Whether you think good or not they add to understanding of both original song and RJ.   4

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A master class   16

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Can't get enough of Gil Scott-Heron today for some reason. Here's a great track.   1

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