“Czyli piosenki z winyli ojca.”

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Czyli piosenki z winyli ojca.

Smiglef 5 Dec 2012

"Green-clad, shamrock-decorated and probably drinking a pint of Guinness, people of Irish descent across the world will take to the streets and pubs to celebrate #Irish heritage for #StPatricksDay on Monday. The first Feast of St. Patrick honored the 5th-century patron saint of #Ireland and the arrival of Christianity in the 1600s. Restrictions on eating and drinking for #Lent are lifted on this day, adding to the merry St. Paddy's Day atmosphere. A public holiday in Ireland and Northern Ireland, March 17 is also widely celebrated across the world by enthusiastic expats." (via Instagram) Get... DOWN!

jeetcchadha 17 Mar 2014

Summer's coming back, engaging AM radio mode.   4

flaneur 31 Jul 2013

I've been doing some top notch dad dancing

whatfbutyeah 10 Jun 2013

Pan's People breaking the first rule of showbusiness

cliffmiddleton 25 Nov 2013