Right Here, Right Now by Giorgio Moroder feat Kylie Minogue

“Giorgio Moroder + Kylie = yes please!”

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Giorgio Moroder + Kylie = yes please!   2

Niels_Footman 18 Jan 2015


ArexMonster 22 Jan 2015

Legendarische producer Giorgio Moroder (I Feel Love, What A Feeling & Take My Breath Away) brengt voor het eerst in 30 jaar een nieuw album uit. Samen met Kylie: Right Here, Right Now!

RudyNicola 6 Feb 2015

Sound the Giorgio Moroder alarm! His first album in 30 years is out soon.   3

daftmonk 20 Jan 2015

When you come back from an exhausting day at work or school, there is nothing better than the energetic music of Kylie Minogue!   2

CamielWijnhoven 10 Mar 2015

Caution: sorcerers at work.

alscott67 6 Feb 2015