Face the Light by Girlicious

“I'd totally forgotten about this album- to be fair, I was probably one of about four people that noted it in the first place. Girlicious were the band assembled in the Pussycat Dolls' search-for-a-new-girl-group show and despite being surprisingly well-produced and having a lot of catchy tunes, they aren't exactly Girls Aloud. This is from their nearly-secret sophomore album- it's muted electro about being falling down drunk, bored and aching at the end of a night and just not being able to bear going home. It's a thousand sticky dancefloor emotions about shame and want and inertia and god knows what else - this sort of slutpop was always incredibly on the money with emotional stuff. Anyway, good work is what I'm saying. Also if you haven't heard the album it's great and horribly dark.”

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