Shape by Glasser


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but eeeeeein was first  

in the dim light of the truth all you can do is bow   4

maksuud 5 Sep 2014

From another record I'm enjoying much of recently, plus she still sounds a little like early Bj√∂rk, so she gets the nod from me. Must go back and re-listen to the first one...   5

fsohail 23 Oct 2013

And I look out longingly over the beach There's an ocean making life beyond my reach And the vastness is too much for me to stand And by the light of the truth all I can do is bow

sprezzatura 23 Mar 2015

Last year's album by @GLASSER_ was one of my faves of the year. Here's a great video for one of the tracks.   4

jaxxon 10 Jan 2014

One of my favourites of the year.

sondh 12 Dec 2013