Are You Ready for the Sex Girls by Gleaming Spires

ahm’s jam on 25 Feb ’12 and then once after that (See all)

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but bevan was first  

"they got skin like seals"   2

ahm 25 Feb 2012

I approve of their pie-making technique!   1

jody_beth 5 May 2013

I blame BBC 4 for this New Wave phase...

dnye 5 Jul 2014

David Kendrick and Leslie Bohem of Gleaming Spires were originally members of Sparks. Have a nice weekend! #GoodGirlsGoneBadWeek   11

shme 12 Sep 2014

Current earworm. You're welcome.

pgonthefritz 14 Aug 2015

The Travis Wayne Hurt Christmas Special Again got over 100 views in its first day! Time to celebrate!

travis 18 Dec 2014