Rhinestone Cowboy by Glen Campbell

“I wish I had tickets to tonight's Glen Campbell show.”

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I wish I had tickets to tonight's Glen Campbell show.

SmokeSignalsPDX 28 Nov 2012

This came on shuffle the other day. I was walking along the street and didn't realise I was singing along.

ganglesprocket 11 May 2014

Brothers and friends. You know what to do.

ryagas 21 Sep 2013

music of summers past: where would my childhood be without this man? according to my dad, there was no other station besides the city's country station, KHEY, and Glen Campbell made it so much easier to be the only kid around that didn't get to listen to the #1 pop station...   1

bingsy22 28 Jun 2013

#CowboyWeek   7

MadameZia 2 Jun 2014

This has been in my head continuously for about 3 days.

Tarsier 31 Jan 2014