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I've been reading Leviathan Wakes, which is basically a science fiction action-thriller meets detective story in space. Meanwhile, a friend turned me onto this album, and I've been obsessively listening to it. For me, this song is totally evocative of Detective Miller working on his case, while Jim Holden and his ragtag refugee crew fly around the solar system trying to protect a secret and avoid getting killed (and hoping to figure out who the hell is trying to kill them). Think Miami Vice in the Asteroid Belt and you're in my headspace. Can't wait to finish the book and start the next one. #leviathanwakes #expanse #scifi #books #globalcommuncation #popambient

prendie76 24 Feb 2014

Timelessly beautiful, and showcasing a second sense of "ambient" - not as background music but as a space that surrounds the listener, not pretty wallpaper but a fluffy blanket of sound, perfect for the early nights (:   1

iivix 10 Nov 2013

How much do I love this track? All the way much.

aubilenon 5 Jan 2012

Your limbs are getting so, so heavy. From the album 76:14 (1994).   2

Marco 11 Aug 2015

My favourite piece of music ever to write to of my favourite ever album to listen to on trains.   3

brianshelf 19 Jun 2013

Some ambient tunes this week: 14 minutes, 31 seconds of beautiful sweeping synths by Global Communication. If you suffer from insomnia, try this track - focus on the clock and you'll be off in no time. Works on babies too :-)

jonnyhill 27 May 2014