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Waking me up this morning

suziesparkle 16 Jul 2015

Gig #30 tonight, as I reach the halfway point of 2015, and on what is likely to be a warm evening at the Roundhouse, it is the epic soundscapes of Godspeed I'm going for.

asw909 30 Jun 2015

thankfully some bands are still doing Epics, even in 2012   1

mlong3rdfl 5 Dec 2012

#epic!   1

TomSchneitter 29 Oct 2014

'You make music for the king and his court, or for the serfs outside the walls.'

AndyJoe83 25 Jul 2015

Side A of new Godspeed album is maybe one of the best things they have ever committed to tape.

quartertonality 5 Oct 2012